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To become a sponsor please contact us or click HERE...

On behalf of Three Rivers Archers, I would like to take this opportunity to ask you for your support of our local non-profit youth archery/hunting club in Bend Oregon. Through sportsmanship and camaraderie, we promote safety, accuracy, and the preservation of hunting traditions and encourage members to participate in a safe, well-tuned archery practice with the entire family.

The club is open to kids ages 8-18. Our goal is to get our kids outdoors to learn respectful and ethical hunting and to assist them in becoming well rounded, skilled, outdoor loving people. Our kids are learning the fundamentals of archery and hunting, backcountry navigation, wilderness first aide, good land stewardship, conservation and community service. They are also being provided a rite of passage through the earning of specific wrist bands to allow them a sense of accomplishment and work ethic.

With our first season under our belt, we are hoping to expand our membership to more kids. Sponsorships and donations will be key in allowing us to find a larger area to practice, acquire more archery targets and other necessary archery equipment, prizes for archery competitions, pay for our insurance coverage and to provide more scholarships for low income youth. Some of our kids come from financially challenged homes, in which we are providing scholarship programs and equipment to.

Please consider helping us promote these goals by sponsoring our club and/or donating gear, equipment, land use, damage control tags and other related items. In return, we can place your company logo on our Facebook page, website, and on signs we will hang during competitions, parades and other events we will be involved in. We are an all-volunteer, self-insured 501c3 organization. We will assume any and all liability while using your private lands.

We are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish with our kids in their first season and really need your support to be able to continue this non-profit club! Please contact me if you would like more information about us, to sponsor us or to make a donation.

Thank you for your time and consideration…

Kim Frost, board member and sponsorship/donation coordinator…

We are the Three Rivers Archers…

16820 Gross Lane Bend, Oregon 97707 or 541-678-3187

501c3 Non-profit ID – #81-2210307